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Stage 2 2021: a mixed soul


From Camaiore to Chiusdino

Stage two starts in Camaiore and finishes in Chiusdino, meaning that it will start along the sea and finish further inland, in one of the many wonderful tiny villages of central Italy.

The landscape is mixed, meaning that the stage will wave goodbye to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and will start picking its way to the Apennines, after which the race will ultimately head for the Adriatic coast.

The profile is mixed as well, pan-flat in the first part, and with a brace of tough kicks and constant undulations, with no respite, in the second half.

The finale to such a stage can only be unpredictable and unforeseeable.

Do you expect the stage to come down to a fast finish? Or will it be a classic hunters’ thing?

Do you think that a speedster may hold up all the way, and pull it off in a sprinter showdown?

Or maybe will a CG contender try to pop out and beat the peloton to the line to earn a handful of seconds?

We will see…


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